Talalay Latex Mattress For Today's Sleep Needs


In recent years, concern for making those precious sleep hours as comfortable and healthy as possible, has expanded to include using products and materials that are also as safe for our environment as possible. The new Talalay Latex Mattress meets all these requirements and more. A very high-tech product, the latex in this mattress has a consistent cell structure both from top to bottom and side to side. Because it is less dense, more air can move between the cells, allowing the sleeper more body contour availability. It has been rated 33% higher in body-pressure relief and three times more durable than other latex mattresses.

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For the environmentally conscious, the Talalay Latex Mattress is definitely a "green" product. It is a natural latex, made from a rubber-based material collected from tropical trees, which can later be still used as a wood source. The natural materials are biodegradable and the trees, of course, are renewable resources. A five-step washing process uses no toxic chemicals and minimum water. Since no solvents or harmful substances or chemicals are used, the ozone remains unaffected by the manufacture of this product.

Unlike the Visco memory foam mattress which tends to respond only to temperatures outside the range of normal body temperature and may be harder to adjust to, the Talalay Latex Mattress offers durability and support as well as elasticity and free air circulation. The Natura World Collection claims their products are 99.9% natural because of this pure latex and the natural coverings they add. Consumers may purchase this quality in everything form a pet bed, to a crib mattress, to a kid's mattress to a king-size double-sided mattress. Flo Beds offer a Posture Select and a Posture Select Organic Cotton Natural Talalay Latex Mattress that offer three layers and a totally natural sleeping environment.

For those interested in adjustable electric beds, the Naturaflex is an Organic Talalay Latex Mattress that offers a nine inch depth of luxury sleeping space. This Adjustable bed mattress works well on any adjustable electric bed frame, and offers a twenty year warranty. In addition, this mattress is resistant to dust mites, a real plus for allergy sufferers. Even mold and bacteria cannot live on the pure latex in this mattress. Since the average person will spend one third of his life in bed, comfort should be at a premium in the bed you choose. If like so many others, you also care about the world we inhabit, the Talalay Latex Mattress offers the perfect solution to both concerns.


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Purchasing an organic mattress may be one of the most important things to do when creating a healthier bedroom. Traditional mattresses are often made from petroleum byproducts and sprayed with flame retardants.
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If you like to remain cool memory foam is almost certainly not for you. Memory foam mattresses retain more body heat than the other bedding styles and will certainly be uncomfortable for some individuals. Latex is not as hot because it has little holes drilled into it that enhances air flow all through the mattress.

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