The Organic Crib Mattress Is Safe For Your Child

When it comes to buying anything for an infant or toddler, most parents will stress and take the time to find the very best to provide all they can in terms of safety and comfort.  In the case of infants, SIDS is probably one of the things all parents truly fear and there has been research that has indicated that one of the factors in SIDS is the chemicals and materials in a child's mattress.  Because safety is so important to us when protecting our children, most mattresses for a child's bed have flame retardant chemicals.   That is why there is now a huge need for an Organic Crib Mattress.

The Organic Crib Mattress is designed with all the safety of your child in mind.  Natural latex is the most popular material of choice for the cover, since it is all natural and can provide an unequaled level of comfort and protection.   The batting and filling of the mattress is often a flame retardant organic cotton. The outer covering of the mattress is equally important to the safety of the child, so an organic duvet and organic cotton sheets are highly recommended as well.

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As mentioned, research is key when it comes to deciding on an Organic Crib Mattress.  There are many companies out there that are taking advantage of the buzz in the market and promoting products that are composed of up to sixty percent synthetic materials but are still being called organic.  The cost of a 100% organic mattress may be higher than the synthetic blends, but the reduced risk of SIDS is well worth the cost.

Though SIDS is a primary concern there are several other benefits for the safety and wellness of your child that come with an organic crib mattress.  The highest quality brands are all flame retardant and most have some sort of waterproof cover to protect from spills and leaky diapers.  They are also bacteria resistant  and hypoallergenic to reduce colds, flu, and allergies.  Durability is another key factor.  Since the best brands come with up to a ten year warranty, they will obviously outlast infancy.  In the case of families with multiple children the mattress can be re-used for the next child, or in the the case of a single child, a high quality mattress has an excellent resale value and can be put on eBay or craigslist when it is no longer needed.


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