An Overview Of Memory Foam Bedding

Getting a good night of rest has an important impact on how a person feels the next day. Part of sleeping well is being as comfortable as possible. Memory foam bedding is the ultimate in comfort. No other material will contour and conform to a body like memory foam. It completely eliminates any pressure points that can occur with a traditional mattress or pillow, making for a supremely comfortable bed.

Memory foam was designed by NASA and later used by the medical community in treating patients with bed sores. The form is unique in that it is dense and also sensitive to temperature changes, so that when it is warm it decompresses. This property is what allows memory foam bedding to contour to a warm body. Memory foam used to be a very expensive product when it was first manufactured, but now there are options for every budget and style.

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Memory foam bedding comes in many forms. There are entire mattresses made out of the foam using layers of foam and other materials. A consumer could also purchase memory foam mattress toppers for use on a traditional mattress. Mattress toppers come in varying thickness, generally the thicker the topper the more comfort and higher price. Mattress toppers come in sizes to fit any mattress. Another way to use the foam is to purchase a memory foam contour pillow. These are very different from traditional pillows in that they are made entirely of foam, and the shape follows a contour to support the neck. These pillows offer a lot of support for anyone with neck or back pain. The pillow will mold to the shape of the user to provide support and relieve pressure.

Many manufacturers offer a wide assortment of memory foam bedding. Tempur-Pedic is a well known company that makes memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers and contour pillows. Companies such as Serta, Sensus, Bodipedic, Dream Form all make different memory foam products. There are many options for a consumer to choose from and there is a product to fit well within every budget. Choosing memory foam is choosing to finally get a good night of rest.


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The gauge for choosing the best mattress is primarily the comfort it gives. Another important factor is its warranty period. Affordability is an important factor, too, but this should come second only to durability and comfort. Comfort, durability and price are factors you would consider when buying things in general. You can safely conclude that foam mattress is as good and special as the latex mattress;

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