Have A Good Night's Sleep With Latex Mattress Topper


Mattress pads and toppers have been out on the market for a number of years and are very popular for a number of good reasons.  A mattress topper is designed to lay on top of a mattress and add a layer of comfort.   By far, the most popular type on the market is the Latex Mattress Topper.  Made of latex and often marketed as "memory foam", these mattress toppers are extremely comfortable.  In addition to increased comfort a Latex Mattress Topper has the benefit of being dust mite and mold spore repellent, so it is a healthy choice as well as a comfor choice.

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Some of the more popular brands for a Latex Mattress Topper include Arizona Mattress Co., Euphoria, and Tempurpdeic  and they have done quite well in the marketplace.  Sleep quality has been greatly increased with the advent of mattress toppers and they can even prolong the useful life of a new mattress.   Even the best mattress topper however, can do little to save an old mattress, as the underlying support of the mattress and box spring is still needed for the topper to be effective.

Other types of mattress toppers include the down mattress topper and the feather mattress topper and they are both good for comfort and sound luxurious, as anyone who owns a down pillow will know.  The only downside to down or feathers as a filler material is the useful life.  Feathers are more resilient than down, but they have a habit of forming clumps which cam be uncomfortable and the toppers will require an occasional shake out.   Down will flatten over a relatively short period of time, as compared to a Latex Mattress Topper.

A natural latex mattress topper is made of an extremely durable and long lasting material that provides cushion for joints and great back support.  The useful life of some of these toppers can extend 15 years and even 20 years for synthetic latex blends.  The only real downside to choosing  this type of mattress topper cant be the expense when compared to the other materials available on the market, but that can be evened out when you look at the use life and comfort benefits.


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